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Our Activities

Community Development

  • Identify community development perspectives and initiatives. Implement social programmes and infrastructure improvement.
  • Develop and implement regional development strategies in co-operation with other stakeholders (government agencies, non-governmental organizations, etc).

Enterprise Development

  • Elaborate SME development strategies and policies in co-operation with interested public and private organizations.
  • Implement financial support programmes for the enterprises by providing those with loan guarantees and grants; introducing new technologies, equity financing and other measures.
  • Establish enterprises that may have significant influence on economic development of the country; share the gained experience.
  • Implement educational and training programmes: analyse, plan and establish start-ups and promote existing enterprises.
  • Invest in the establishment of exporting organizations, which will deal with exporting the local products.

Agriculture Development

  • Elaborate agriculture promotion strategies, and policies and implement them in co-operation with government.
  • Test new technologies and equipment, then introduce and distribute them in the agriculture sector and to SMEs. Import necessary agricultural machinery and equipment.