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Our best experience

  • Elaboration of entrepreneurship promotion strategies.
  • Implementation of regional development programmes in over than 100 communities (PACA, COMPASS, REIGO, GSVC and other methodologies).  
  • Establishment of dried fruit, dried vegetables, dairy and cheese production and fruit processing model enterprises;
  • Establishment of over 50 greenhouse farms;
  • Supporting the establishment of more than 500 start-ups.
  • Developing systems for financing the start-ups;  
  • Import and sale of over 500 items of agricultural machinery and equipment in Armenia.

RDF team has unique proven experience in implementing innovative LED and private sector development programs in Armenia. RDF holds an exclusive right of using PACA, COMPASS, RAIGO, GSVC and other LRED tools elaborated by German Mesopartner. RDF experts are pioneers of using LRED know-how in Armenia. Over the past six years it introduced and piloted a significant number of LED tools and methods (PACA, Hexagon, COMPASS, Micro-franchising, CEFE) in more than 50 communities which have been laid as a conceptual foundation for the SME development national strategy.

Drawing from a team of highly professional and experienced staff of different local and international organizations (GIZ, USAID, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, SMEDNC, ADB) as well as highly qualified European consultants, RDF now has a team of professionals with more than ten years of experience in rural and business development