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Rural Tourism

Main Goal: Community based tourism development in the regions of Armenia.

Objective 1: Identify the existing tourism potential of the selected villages and build an improvement plan for tourism enhancement.

Objective 2: Develop local small businesses to market touristic products and provide quality services to visitors.

Objective 3: Invest in financial sustainability of local small businesses through low-interest loans accompanied with business grants.

Objective 4: Create a working model for rural community based tourism development in Armenia and replicate it.

Results of the Project:

Result 1: The existing tourism potential of the selected regions is identified and mapped. An improvement plan is developed for 8 communities which will serve as a model to make sustainable changes in the communities making them more attractive for tourists.

Result 2: 10 businesses are ready to serve tourists arriving to area. The businesses are capable to market their product and provide quality customer service.

Result 3: 10 businesses received small business grants and low-interest loans and improved the quality and capacity of their businesses.

Result 4: 10 businesses created their website or social network page where their tourism products are marketed. Links exist with existing tour agencies of Armenia.

Result 5: The lessons from the project are used in other regions of Armenia for rural tourism development, new proposal is developed.

In frames of this project we selected Chambarak region of Armenia. Our strategic partner is GIZ.