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100 Start-ups

The Tasks and Objectives of the Program

The following constraining issues are related to the establishment of competitive enterprises:

  • Financing of start-ups and farm businesses is not accessible and conditions are not affordable.
  • There are few effectively functioning enterprises and farm businesses. Business education and consulting are not accessible as well.
  • Mainly physically and morally obsolete technologies are applied, which harm the effectiveness of the business and economy in general.
  • The entrepreneurs suffer significant losses because customs and tax legislation often changes. The information is mainly inaccessible.
  • Small enterprises have no product quality management systems.

The objective of the current program is the establishment and financing of 100 start-ups in rural communities of Armenia with the following steps:

  • Provision of up to 20,000 USD low interest rate loans.
  • Provision of business development trainings and consultation, including those on tax and customs legislation, quality management systems, etc.
  • Training on application of new technologies support of obtaining them.

Main areas of business operation are dry fruit production, cold storages, small palstic green houses, milk and meat production, production of cheese, meat processing etc. 

The business proposals are presented in